ENS Foundation Directors Job Description, Responsibilities, Qualifications and Remunerations

To move forward with ENS Foundation Directors recruitment, screening and election, we first will need to workout a clear job description, qualification, and compensation (and KPIs optionally) and to further get quickly to a sort of consensus on the community about these matters, we may wanna try to boil things down to its very bare-minimum and as objective as the space allows.

Here I suggested two section on your reply 1) Templates to filled 2) Discussion rational and clarifications about your inputs as needed

:one: Use this template:

# Title
ENS Foundation Director

## Term

## Description

## Responsibilities
## Qualifications
## Compensation
# Discussion:

Job Title: ENS Foundation Director

Term of office:

ex. three-year term with a term limit of two terms, two-years term with a term limit of three terms…

Job Description:

ex. Act as the figurative head of the ENS Foundation in communication with stockholders, government entities and the general public, and oversee strategies and implementations in accordance with ENS constitution and mission.


The essential functions and duties, in a short clear, explicit sentence


Maintain the foundation in a good standing status.

(instead of enforce adherence to local regulation of Cayman Island and from Inside the foundation and produce all statutory required documents and tax related filling to maintain compliance, legality and overall solvency)


The essential objective eligibility qualifications [^qualification]:


  • Acceptance to disclose publicly legal Full Name (and [^affiliations] ?)
  • Non-criminal record (Police Clearance/Good conduct certificate from all countries in which you hold residency [^noncriminal] )


The remunerations package between salary, benefits, bonus or end of service.


  • Salary: 10k DAI [^Salary]
  • Benefits: Health care, D&O insurance, and 0.5ETH to tinker with new dapps [^Benefits]

:two: Discussion:

Q. Shall we add to the template and discuss now the following:

Additional Responsibilities:

a referential example by @berrios.eth Role & responsibilities of ENS Foundation Director - #16 by berrios.eth

Additional Qualifications:

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
a referential example by @nick.eth Nominations for ENS Foundation Director to replace Brantly.eth


Key Performance Indicators, a quantifiable measures against set of targets (subset of responsibilities & duties) and is a critical indicators of progress toward an intended result.

I’m keen to not add these topics above in order to keep it short and avoid subjectivity to the core of “Director Job Description” Think long term, 50 years from now?

And I assume thing such as the subjective qualifications, as experience, skills are factors for delegates voters to take into the consideration when voting, and nominee to elaborate further about in their campaigns, but shouldn’t be to filter out candidates… again in 10 years from now the set of skills we would be aspiring in a ENS Director might be very different from now… so why not we keep it simple now to it is “eligibility”

I believe KPIs is quite important for accountability but not urgent, and we can put it off to a future discussion along side bonus structure.

[^qualification]: in elective systems qualifications typically very simple and straightforward, ex USA Presidency - has only 3 qualification, 1. at least 35 years of age, 2. be a natural born citizen, and 3. must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

[^affiliations]: Explicit affiliation with other project in the sphere is quite important.

[^noncriminal]: Like 5 or 10 years and obtained from ALL countries in which he/she has residency during that period.

[^Salary]: Salary function to provide suitable adequate living conditions, that why i recommend keeping in in DAI

[^Benefits]: having ETH in benefits is to gurantee the director can tinker with other dapps without the need to worry about ETH price (think what if ETH at 100k? and the fee is ridiculously high in USD terms)


You are late to the game. We have set the format to obtain the qualifications and skill set most necessary for the position and are proceeding to finalization.

As to director terms (something to which I have given thought) and compensation (the directors’ duties do not require a lot of time and they are not involved in the operations of the DAO), but these subjects can be entertained, after this vote.

KPIs, the directors are not tasked with such responsibilities; their duties are more legal compliance with not-for-profit laws of the Cayman Islands.

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Berrios the only ones I’ve seen was a suggestions of set of qualifications not an actual ones agreed on or voted, and I argue further those qualification here Nominations for ENS Foundation Director to replace Brantly.eth are great, lovely things to have and consider on voting but shouldn’t be an actual Eligibility for a candidate, eligibility means whom there allowed to put himself in place to be voted for as ENS Director, something objective such as clean “non-criminal record” that goes without saying but do you want we vote today or in 5 years for someone can’t actually perform his job say:

  • He is subject to some financial sanctions!
  • undischarged bankrupt (legally he can’t act in capacity of director in Cayman)
  • under the legal age to be director Cayman which is 18
  • or has a criminal record and so the foundation can’t really establish a banking relations due to that?

Furthermore why would we want to discuss terms, compensation after the voting not before, the voter has all rights to know clearly what he is voting for. and despite anything regarding the operations and actual tasks of the director he remain for everyone outside and the media The figurative head of the ENS Foundation guys this is why at first place you are replacing Brantly.eth today!