ENS Founder Too Hateful

The Director of Ops Brantly Millegan has a history of expressing hate on Twitter. Can we unplug and plug back in, see if helps him focus his prayers on himself?


First can we remove this from the official page?


Not just him.

Defends literal genocide and colonialism as a benefit for society, and then after today’s drama he backtracks and says he was just playing devil’s advocate.

This is a pattern at this point, not just an isolated case at ENS.


determining whether colonialism was a net negative or net positive is a very complex task to do objectively. There wasn’t just exploitation, but also exchange of ideas, built infrastructure, increase in standard of living, introduction of new crops/animals. Bad thing did happen, but don’t be too quick to arrive at a conclusion. Also, I don’t see anyone praising genocide in the tweets. Chill and come back with a cooler head.

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