ENS funded another DAO

I came across this on Twitter this morning. ENS tokens were used to bootstrap another project. Talk about positive externalities! I don’t know enough about this project to vouch for it, but this was pretty awesome to see nevertheless. For those of you new to the space, you may not know that Ethereum itself was bootstrapped by supporters locking up Bitcoin to get it started. This really feels like an echo of that to me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How cool is it that this DAO funded another DAO and the token has only existed for a little more than a month?


Hi Daylon.eth ,
Thanks for posting this. It is very cool. I have had Sismo.io pinned in my Brave browser for a little while now along with about 15 other projects I have been trying to find the time to dig deeper into. I did not even realize this was a DAO project let alone bootstrapped by ENS. The concept of building ENS profiles via ZK attestations is interesting. I am very uneasy about data aggregators building profiles in general. But I do not know enough to understand how a ZK attestation works so I will try to learn a little more. I signed up to follow the project and understand what this is. I guess they have a gated wait list?
Here is the description from the website.
Sismo builds up your Ethereum profile with anonymised attestations created from your other accounts

Sismo issues badges (non-transferable NFTs) to your public Ethereum profiles (ENS names). They are Zero-Knowledge (ZK) attestations of facts imported from your other accounts (Ethereum accounts as well as twitter or github). You can aggregate your reputation, with confidentiality, to your public profile.