ENS Integration Audit


I’ve been trying to see where I can use my .eth name, and quite frankly, I’m really struggling.

While MetaMask and Brave Browser work, numerous of the other integrations don’t seem to be live or working. I seem to be about 50/50 on the ones I tested.

Is the 490 integration number accurate & up to date? Who is maintaining the list and ensuring the integrations are there?

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I believe it’s very important!

We must raise number of integrations and watch them to be alive.

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can we crowdsource a test of the 490 integrations that are listed? how many are actually working?

Can you list the places you tried? In my experience most ethereum wallets accept ens names, but I might be in a bubble

Unclear how things alike frens.page, http://freeens.xyz/ (not even loading), https://nft.jgndefi.com/ , https://www.thepixelportraits.me/ , Kwikswap , KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates , https://www.knowyourdefi.com/ (also not loading) and dozens of others are actually integrated…

Bumping this up, who is in charge of updating the apps page on ENS.domains ? Would be good to get accuracy