ENS invite system

Has there been any discussion of implementing some type of invite system for .eth names? Possibly in conjunction with V3 of the app?

Similar to the way that Gmail started as invite-only.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion around effective ways to “advertise” ENS, and I believe this would be a very effective approach.

It could function largely the same as ENS Fairy, with some slight differences.

Essentially, .eth holders (long term holders? some? all?) could have the option to pre-pay for the registration of an additional two names. After doing so, the app generates a link to a microsite that will allow the receiver to set up a new wallet (if needed), and set up their new .eth name, right out of the gate. Much like V3 of the app will allow more user-friendly changing primary name, avatar, etc. It could be a very newbie UX focused launch pad, complete with simple explainers and links to the support docs. Heck, maybe some type of interface could even be made to do all of this for free, via wrapped subdomains.

Onboarding, education, and organic advertising all in one!