ENS IPFS on app.ens.domains doesn't match blockchain contenthash

ENS App gives an IPFS URL of ipfs://bafkqachpxo7wgylvnz2a

When I query ENS directly, I get a raw contenthash of: e30101550008efbbbf6361756e74

It starts with e3 like it’s supposed to for an IPFS URL, but the actual multiformat is invalid: EIP-1577: contenthash field for ENS

The contenthash content-type multicodec value for IPFS should be 0x70 (DAG-pb) but you can see it’s 0x55, which is “raw binary”: github dot com/multiformats/multicodec/blob/master/table.csv

It seems to be properly formed for a “raw binary” but it’s neither structured like IPFS or long enough to be an encoded IPFS hash of some kind. I’ve tried interpreting the data in various ways and came up with nothing meaningful.

So my question is, what is this thing and why does app.ens.domains show an IPFS link for the contenthash?

I am learning it is a binary CIDv1 and that the library I was using to interpret IPFS simply does not support this.

for the benefit of anyone finding this later, what I learned was, NPM library “content-hash” didn’t work, but library “multiformats” did:

const { CID } = require('multiformats/cid');
const { base16 } = require('multiformats/bases/base16');
const contenthash = 'e30101550008efbbbf6361756e74';
const ipfsurl = "ipfs://" + CID.parse('f' + contenthash.substring(4), base16).toString();