ENS Mission Statement

It is better that we keep this thread to creating a mission statement only. Let’s avoid defining objectives or ways that those objective could be achieved.

One step at a time.

With the mission statement as the focus, let’s post as many version of short mission statements as come to mind. The best will emerge through mutual inspiration.

What coltron.eth proposed was better than what any of mine were, included below for completeness.

  1. Our mission is to name all the things, without collision
  2. Our mission is to empower people and organizations to control their own identity
  3. Our mission is to empower web3 citizens to interact easily with people, organizations, and smart contracts through human readable names
  4. Our mission is to give web3 citizens the naming system they deserve
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It’s not the same as a mission statement, but there’s definitely some overlap here with the Article 0 effort.

The mission statement and the constitution address governance from different angles.

The constitution describes what ENS is about and how that can evolve over time.

A mission statement is a rallying call. It is ideally inspiring, yet concise.


Yup, agree that they’re different things. But I still think some of the thoughts in Article 0 might be helpful in thinking about a mission statement!

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Lots of useful content in article 0 discussion not only for the mission but in general as well.

In short, I agree.

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@slobo.eth, Ultimately, a voice chat may help get the creativity flowing.

From an academic perspective, it’s also important to remember the semantics of a mission statement vs vision statement vs tagline vs slogan. The function of these terms may vary slightly from person to person in a creative discussion in our multi-national group.

I think it’s possible to make it a concise, inspiring rally call while still remaining rooted in the verbiage of the constitution or Article 0…

Attempts at brevity with existing constitutional language:
    ".. to extend the namespace globally as a decentralized public good."
    ".. to decentralize the namespace as a global public good."
Less technical, more marketing focused:
    "...to provide decentralized names for everything, for everyone."
    "...empowering the future of Web3 for everything, for everyone."

Reference: Other Mission Statements in Business.

  • MIT: "To advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century".

  • Oxfam: "We fight inequality to end poverty and injustice."

  • NIO: "To shape a joyful lifestyle by offering premium smart electric vehicles and being the best user enterprise".

  • Tesla: "To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy"


    I like the idea of ‘humanifying the web3 world’ by bringing names to the nameless. - obviously thats just an idea and would need work on phrasing, lol.

    Names are such a powerful tool. They become an identity. Thus we can provide an identity to humans who may have never had one before. That is such a unique and powerful opportunity. Beyond that, we even go above and give them a voice, a platform, from which to do it. Avatars, routing, etc. all unstoppable and censorship-resistent on-chain.


    While I agree with this, we need to remember that those who have no identity most likely also do not have regular access to the internet/computers/smart phones. So, that’s something to consider if your wording would be used in a mission statement.

    It could work if the DAO has plans to be charitable in the area of assisting under-privileged populations in developing nations acquire these things.

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    Not sure ENS is the proper vehicle to get internet and infrastructure to various parts of the world. IMO, while ENS can provide the medium, it should not also need to provide the means. Otherwise one could say the same for nearly every mission statement out there:

    Not everyone has the means to attend MIT, it does not change MIT’s mission.

    My point being, the means and access, or lack there of, for specific people should not dictate the ENS Mission.

    I agree that this shouldn’t necessarily be something that ENS is focused on. I was just using it to show that we need to be careful with our wording.

    In the example of MIT, they threw the word “students” in there, so it’s implied that it’s only for students and for those who can afford to go there (or those who get a scholarship to go there).

    In any case, wording matters is all I’m saying, especially when you are an organization (like this ENS DAO) with a large global reach. Using the proper wording can help avoid issues down the road.

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    @Coltron.eth suggested getting on a voice call and I agree.

    How about those who want to participate reply here or on discord and we will organizing something that works. I see this as a brainstorming session with the outcome being a couple potential mission statements. Afterwards we can circulate to folks who weren’t able to attend and then make a formal proposal.

    I don’t think we need to rush, ethereum and ENS have a long time span ahead of them. I’d rather sacrifice a little bit of speed for greater participation. At the same time getting a call going in the next 2 weeks would be ideal.

    I’m in central time (UTC minus 6), and Tuesday November 23 is fairly open.

    If someone has a better way to schedule a call, I’d love to hear it.

    (tagging @alisha.eth as an FYI)


    :100: Agree.

    I’m PST (UTC -8). November, 23rd works.

    We definitely should get @SpikeWatanabe.eth in the call.


    Am I invited on the 23rd? :laughing:

    I think idea here is that you don’t have to be invited for this

    Rather we are looking for like minded individuals who really understand what ENS is about, so that we can think together how to enhance ENS image

    that is to build and refine mission statement, slogan, overall image, make it very snapy, so that it jumps on to consumer, conveys a message and very easy to understand

    as @slobo.eth pointed out this is very difficult piece of work, requires some thinking and iterations

    it is unlikely to win anyone fast political points on delegates arena :sweat_smile:, but could be really interesting discussion and interesting work

    so that being said, I just keep wondering, maybe we have any professional image makers in our midst?


    To be clear all are welcomed and invited.

    You don’t have to be a delegate, or an ENS holder. As long as you care about helping ENS DAO.

    Goal of the ask was the see how many people are interested and then get something on the calendar.

    So far we have:


    also there was this lady, I was randomly helping her to fix .eth name, and it just turns out that she is one of those consumer know all strategist branding person, lets see if she might be interested

    I would like to join in on this discussion.

    @Schuschereba.eth edited my post to include you and will do for anyone who chimes in.

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    Thank you!

    depending on the selected time slot, i’d join