ENS Subdomains, Pricing Methods (Rental Pricing Options)

Q: How is the “subdomain renting” going to work in the subdomain wrapper?
(People are excited with different ideas on how they will rent their subdomains.)

Will rentals be differentiable by:

  1. Name length (like ENS does), and/or
  2. will users be able to define certain “lists of words/library”,
    …which they can then “rent at a higher cost”?

Everyone is speculating about the renting structure,
and I just want to make sure users expectations are matching.
Otherwise, there may be some chaos in features & benefits,
…verses the expectations from the ENS Community & dWeb Marketplace?

As public goods,
ENS names are rented, not owned. That is how I see it.
When someone pays a renewal fee, then we see that as renting.

For ENS Subdomains,
few users will use the wrapper if renting options do not exist :confused:

People will demand control of subdomain-pricing,
…and there are several different ways users will want to price rentals.

  • Price based on character length
  • Price based on specific word list/library
  • Price based on credits or batches of credits

Otherwise, without subdomain pricing,
the “Official ENS Subdomain-Wrapper” will be Temp-DOA (until those features exist),
because of the many creative-entrepreneurial use cases, which users are imagining in their plans.

NOTE: If need be, we can pull/draw hard data for this hypothesis via the community.

If someone owns a good name, ie: newyorkcity.eth
And they want to sell subdomains, ie:

  • gary.newyorkcity.eth
  • nick.newyorkcity.eth
  • hotels.newyorkcity.eth

The domain owner may want to [in most cases] issue pricing based on a “renewal system”,
similarly, (but different in many cases), to how “ENS domains” are rented/renewed.

Just like how we believe ENS Names should have renewal fees
(as most have indicated in the ENS Constitution),

We carry this belief to ENS-Subdomains,
where we also believe ENS-Subdomains should have renewals, in the same/similar ways.

I can report here, IMO–based on conversations I am hearing and my personal views,
Many user, including myself, will not use the Wrapper if we can not issue rentals, for most ENS names.

I can not get information from Devs or Team, about the Wrapper (as they are focused).
There is no indication, yet, that the Wrapper will/willnot have renewal-pricing features.

This is why we are asking this now, and seeking clarity before the Contract is complete.

If there is a question to market demand, that should be discovered BEFORE the contract is complete,
(and not after we announce it is complete), or then the market may be disappointed, unfortunately,
…especially at this critical stage of ENS subdomain-development.

I encourage more discussion & research.


Why should renting be part of the wrapper contract?

Keep it simple and separate the responsibilities of contracts. Use the ENS NameWrapper contract for its intended purpose, to wrap names into ERC-1155 NFTs.

Then you can use an existing NFT lending protocol/contract to lend it out. Right? Why bring that complexity into the name wrapper?


the pricing-rules aren’t directly part of the same wrapper-contract,
but, the registrar is an important piece of the subdomain-system, upon launch.


I think that makes more sense, so the overall set of contracts that comprise the “subdomain system” could certainly include the ability to also lend out subdomains after you’ve created them. Do you think ENS should roll its own contract on that, or use something existing? What lending protocols/contracts for NFTs have you used in the past?


I’m following this closely, as I intend to market subdomains. My pricing will be set, and as I sell them, I will also extend the tld registration by one year.

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