ENS to hire SEO Firm?

I’ve heard discussions anecdotally and on twitter about how other , smaller players are outranking us on SEO.

ENS should hire a SEO firm, around 5-20k per month, and they can develop content, use existing content, and basically ensure ENS ranks and is competitive with SEO. There is already lots of content being produced, it just needs a firm to spearhead the whole initiative. This can be easily outsourced.

Any appetite for this?

Maybe ENS’ marketing manager, can be responsible for the SEO search firm and its initiatives. This is something that can be fully outsourced to start, even some basic initiatives will produce results.


I am very much in support of this. I even have a proposal for an RFP to hire digital and graphic designer(s) to aid explaining the processes of the DAO and the ENS Protocol to the public in a visual way. Chain.com does this remarkably well. But that will in next term.

The strategy of giving rewards to active users based on the purpose of publicity seems to be more in line with the characteristics of ENS than finding an SEO company. A little reward will promote users who are already active themselves to participate in the promotion and spread the word.

I think giving rewards to existing users makes sense, and seems more like an affiliate strategy.

However, not having a SEO strategy does not seem to make sense, you can do both, and I think SEO typically comes first in Web2.

I think that anecdote should turn more into analysis before hiring a firm (especially since SEO is notoriously filled with snake-oil sales). Is there any objective evidence of ENS having an SEO problem?


Yes, this is true, but there are many low hanging fruits that we can address and are addressing by making a better registrar product, one that treats each name page as it’s own destination. Plus adding referrals would allow us to get a lot more inbound links too