[EP-10] Wrapping Up - GG20 ENS Identity Round

Hey all - just wanted to post a wrapup for EP-10, as it has been quite a while!

EP-10 was a proposal is for the funding and establishment of a community-run OIDC Identity Provider Server for Sign-In with Ethereum, maintained by Spruce. We’re proud of the work and experiment, deploying the first credibly neutral OIDC server for anyone to use in their authentication workflows.

We deployed the server that we still have running to this day, provided documentation on for anyone to run, and saw it used in some critical processes!

We were pleased to see it get picked up and leveraged in Ethereum’s KZG ceremony which saw over 140,000 contributions from users to power proto-danksharding featured in Ethereum’s recent Dencun update! Over time we continued to also maintain and update our open source libraries and keep SIWE as the most important authentication standard in the Ethereum space, with thousands of active deployments (any time your wallet tells you you’re signing in)!

Again, it’s important to note that we still run the OIDC community server to this day as well. We want to make sure this remains a staple of the ecosystem for anyone to leverage in any existing OIDC-based authentication workflow, even in a slimmed-down capacity. We think this work is continually important, especially as it pertains to users logging in using their keys and leveraging their ENS names in any login flow.

The final update from February almost a year after activation can be found here. If anyone is curious about the history of EP-10’s progress, I posted a detailed monthly update on the ENS forums covering all progress around SIWE, the community server, and any budget updates based on the funding. I hope many other proposals continue to do the same in the spirit of transparency and open data.

Budget Closing

The budget was $250,000 in total, with $75,000 going towards community retroactive rewards to SIWE related efforts, and $175,000 going to Spruce as a maintenance contract. In terms of budget, Spruce only took 25% of the allocated EP-10 budget in September 2022 ($43,750), but we missed our original payment schedule. In order to close this out, we are going to submit a transaction to close out the remaining $131,250.

The community funding saw $5,000 originally go to Davis Shaver for his WP-Rainbow implementation that used SIWE + ENS names for anyone logging into WordPress.

As for the remaining $70,000 to close out on the community side, we are excited to partner with the Ecosystem Working Group in running the GG20 ENS Identity round. We believe that this would have the most impact at-scale, and be optimal for distributing to community members who are truly making an impact at the intersection of ENS and identity.

I’m looking forward to seeing the engagement during the GG20 ENS Identity Round, and I’m always around to answer any questions.



It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch Rocco & Spruce deliver.

Thanks again for building on ENS.

We will be discussing the wrap up on the weekly call, folks should feel free to join in!