[EP 3.2] [Executable] Q1/Q2 2023 Working Group Funding

Status Executed
Vote Tally
Authors Slobo.eth, Katherine Wu, Coltron.eth


This proposal executes all three Working Group funding requests for Q1/Q2 2023 as passed in EP 3.1.1, EP 3.1.2, and EP 3.1.3. For more detail, view the ENS Governance docs or view the links below.


EP 3.1.1 — ENS Ecosystem Working Group

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group requests funding of 935,000 USDC and 254 ETH from the ENS DAO for Q1/Q2 2023.

The ENS Ecosystem Working Group is responsible for growing and improving the ENS Ecosystem by funding people and projects that are ENS-specific or ENS-centric. In line with Article III of the ENS DAO Constitution, the requested funds will be used to support projects and builders contributing to the development and improvement of the ENS protocol and the ENS ecosystem.

EP 3.1.2 — MetaGovernance Working Group

The Meta-Governance Working Group requests funding of 364,000 USDC, 125 ETH, and 3,500 $ENS from the ENS DAO for Q1/Q2 2023.

This MetaGovernance Working Group will use this funding to support the governance processes of the ENS DAO as well as manage and build infrastructure to support the ENS DAO and Working Groups.

EP 3.1.3 — Public Goods Working Group

The Public Goods Working Group requests funding of 250,000 USDC and 50 ETH from the ENS DAO for Q1/Q2 2023.

The Public Goods Working Group will be use this funding to support projects and builders as provisioned by Article III of the ENS DAO Constitution, which provides for the funding of public goods in web3.


  1. Transfer 935,000 USDC and 254 ETH to ens-ecosystem.pod.xyz
  2. Transfer 364,000 USDC, 125 ETH, and 3,500 $ENS to ens-metagov.pod.xyz
  3. Transfer 250,000 USDC and 50 ETH to ens-publicgoods.pod.xyz


Address Value Function Argument Value
ens-ecosystem.pod.xyz 254 ETH
ens-metagov.pod.xyz 125 ETH
ens-publicgoods.pod.xyz 50 ETH
0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48 transfer to ens-ecosystem.pod.xyz
value 935000000000
0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48 transfer to ens-metagov.pod.xyz
value 364000000000
0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48 transfer to ens-publicgoods.pod.xyz
value 250000000000
0xc18360217d8f7ab5e7c516566761ea12ce7f9d72 transfer to ens-metagov.pod.xyz
value 3500000000000000000000

This vote is pending and will be put onchain in the next 24 hours. Follow the ENS DAO Twitter account for updates.


This proposal is now live on Tally.
Voting is open for 7 days.
Please go vote!

Tally just fixed the UI on the proposal page. Everything is displaying as it should. Please disregard the post below.

Important notice about “Transfers 4, 5, 6, and 7” showing on Tally

Please note, the Tally UI is currently displaying the transactions incorrectly — it shows everything as ETH, rather than showing the correct USDC and $ENS amounts.

The executable code DOES follow the Specification section of the proposal.

You are encouraged to click all of the links in the ‘Executable Code’ tab to confirm the call data is correct.

Initially voted yes, but considering changing to no because because I don’t really understand the risks of the ENS Fairy, and need to think it through in my head.

Missed my chance to vote on 3.1.1 unfortunately.

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Thanks for batching all of them together.

Since this is an on-chain proposal to simply execute the result of the 3 snapshots in all of which I voted YES, this is an easy FOR vote for me. Quorum is almost reached

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Curious that @brantlymillegan voted against this one - I see he specifically voted against the Ecosystem WG funding, so wondering what the reason was.

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He provided his reasoning on Twitter, if you didn’t see. Link

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Although my main objection to the ENSFairy funding has been satiated, there is still quite a rift in the community. Many people believe the primary members of the DAO have not taken their concerns to heart, and instead have been dismissed with contempt.

I think there should be a longer discussion period, as the ENSFairy funding flew under the radar until the last minute, and didn’t give the community time to process it before the voting ended.

I would suggest you change your on-chain vote to ‘against’, in order to warrant a longer discussion period for this proposal.

But this is just my opinion.

I also extend this message to other delegates to consider.
@serenae @AvsA @lefterisjp @slobo.eth @cory.eth @superphiz @spencecoin @Coltron.eth @James

Just to allay some concerns, even if the vote passes, it is not the end of this discussion.

Following a successful vote and two day timelock, the funds will be sent to WG multisigs. Just because funding is approved, it does not mean that the funds will necessarily be spent on all initiatives in a funding request. Distributions are made from the WG multisig to initiatives at the discretion of Stewards.

If you have concerns with any of the 12 initiatives/pods in the Ecosystem funding request, I would encourage you to communicate your concerns to stewards, by direct messaging them on the forum or attending the weekly meeting (Thursday at noon ET).

Onchain votes cannot be changed once they are cast.

The discussion over this particular aspect of the ENS Ecosystem Working Group funding request will continue until it reaches a resolution.

My hope is that Ecosystem Stewards won’t allocate any funds towards the ENS Fairy temporary premium initiative until clearly defined parameters and transparency expectations have been set.

It may well be decided by the Ecosystem WG stewards that this temporary premium initiative isn’t worthwhile pursuing, in which case stewards have the option of reallocating the funds or returning the unspent ETH to the DAO.

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EP 3.2 passed and is awaiting execution.