[EP2] [Executable] Retrospective airdrop for accounts that owned another account's primary ENS name

Fully support this. I would have perhaps aligned the date with the deadline for delegate application, given the reverse registar was one of the requirements. I set mine 29 days ago (29 days 13 hrs ago (Nov-02-2021 11:13:22 AM +UTC) for this purpose, and would seem I missed the window for this retroactive airdrop. Regardless, so happy for this initiative and the frENS that will benefit. Congrats!

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Just curios about





totally support on this and would use the votes delegated to me to vote in favor. As ENS DAO belongs to the community of people part of the ENS Domains names holders.

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Makes sense. Exercised my share of delegacy :ok_hand:


I absolutely agree if it is as explained - I do however wish to point out, there should be some limitation.

If over a period of time, a single wallet registers 5 .eth(s), each time, assigning them as primary to their wallet - then changing them as they buy new/better/different ones - then they should only get the 2x on one single registration.

The time of snapshot, is the time of snapshot - I understand giving the bonus to wallets that may at that time not had a primary set but having had it in the past… But not a bonus for every different ens that was at one time set to primary.

Like being employed, I don’t get to keep the benefits from one job, should I go to another.

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There are names that were registered and then “burned” by transferring them to these addresses. As a result the addresses own names and are entitled to an airdrop!


I am in support of this proposal. I remain AFK on my signing keys (fix in progress), so won’t see my vote. Thanks!

I’m planning to vote ‘For’ on this proposal tomorrow.

I agree that this amends a small issue from the airdrop, making sure those eligible receive the full amount.


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I’m having technical issues voting, so I won’t be able to cast my vote on this proposal. I’m currently in touch with the Snapshot team about a timeline for a. resolution.

With EP3 passed, I have amended the text on the DAO docs site accordingly.

I’d like to suggest that we postpone the on chain vote for this until the early NY. It takes 9 days to execute, so if it’s posted immediately it will take us nearly to Xmas to execute, which is not a good time to be debugging any potential issues.


Hi! I was wondering if where was an update about this proposal - is it ready for an on chain vote now?
Thanks a lot and happy new year to all.

This is now live for voting onchain!


My first onchain vote. How exciting. :laughing:


Voted ‘abstain’ on this one. Haven’t had time to read the proposal :grimacing:

The proposal has passed, and is queued for execution on or after 2022-01-14 20:11:25 UTC