[EP4.9][Social] Select providers for EP4.7 streams

@nick.eth I’m confused, I thought $3.6m/yr is what won the Snapshot vote. What am I missing?

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Can we disambiguate the 2 General Magic Proposals?

Maybe the first one can be

generalmagic.eth & pairwise.eth

and the second one can be

Referrals powered by generalmagic.eth


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Good catch, fixed.

Feel free to edit as you see fit!

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Tagging all involved parties so they can have an opportunity to review:



Hey, Can you modify The Interceptors text to (994 characters):
The Interceptor is an open source browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

The Interceptor provides users with a comprehensive explanation of their transactions before they sign them. The Interceptor counteracts scammers by simulating fraudulent transactions, thereby exposing the scam to users. As an example, there are deceptive pages falsely asserting that your ENS name is set to expire tomorrow (which is untrue!). When the user attempts to extend, the application instead initiates a transaction designed to purloin assets from their account. Our tool simulates this scenario, revealing that the proposed transaction is clearly divergent from what the app presented to the user.

The Interceptors core features are:

  • Transaction simulation
  • Account spoofing (anyone can be vitalik.eth!)
  • Simulation stack (simulate multiple transactions in row without sending them to network)
  • Open source, censorship resistant and privacy protective (we also deveolop out in open)


Thank you!

The post is a public wiki; please feel free to make edits to your own entry as you see fit.

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Edited. Thank you :pray:

Gx! :slight_smile: Sorry, to bother, I’m just a bit confused. I was tagged as an individual on the post, but I’m not seeing my proposal on the list (Gravity DAO). I’d like to know if there is something I could do for my proposal or if the discussion will be just around the projects that already appear on the list. Thanks!

GravityDAO was not included because you did not provide an endorsement of at least 10k votes by the deadline.

Edit: I see Griff endorsed you on a separate thread, but this wasn’t reflected in the application post. I’ll add you to the list of candidates.

For the convenience of Voters I reformatted the full proposals as a PDF

I removed this file as I think the layout I was suboptimal.


We will be preparing the proposal in the next few hours, so if any teams wants to make any changes to their one line summary, please do ASAP!


Ran into a technical issue: Snapshot only allows a max text size of 10K chars, while the current text is over 17k long. To reduce that much, here’s a draft of what that text might look like:

While I think the abbreviated text does get the gist of the proposals, a lot of nuance is lost. So the next best choice would be to have the proposal without any candidate summary and link that on an external webpage, which then links to the full proposal.


Voting has now closed. The following providers will be funded:

  • eth.limo: $500,000
  • NameHash Labs: $600,000
  • resolverworks.eth: $700,000
  • Blockful: $300,000
  • Unruggable: $400,000
  • Wildcard Labs: $200,000
  • Ethereum Follow Protocol: $500,000
  • Namespace: $200,000
  • unicorn.eth: $200,000

Total: $3,600,000

An executable proposal to fund these providers using a streaming platform will follow in the next voting window on January 10.


Typo – Namespace: $200,000

Congrats to all those receiving funding!


This was the best outcome. :dizzy:

Each of these projects deserve these funds,
And they will take great actions to help people & Web3 :mechanical_arm: :seedling:

I’m exciting for everything that comes next, (from everyone involved with ENS)!


Notice for all 9 of the selected providers:

Please check your forum inbox for a message. We’re collecting contact information so we can inform everyone of next steps. We only have responses from 4 of the 9 so far. We have almost everyone now.

If you’re not able to access it or reply, please feel free to reach out to me directly on your preferred medium: Twitter/X, email, Telegram.

Thank you!


FYI, these links are all expired and fail for prosperity, (ie: T.LY URL Shortener). A different link-shortening service is advised, unless the goal is for them to expire <3

I have a question: Is the selection of service providers expected to be renewed annually, or will selected providers continue to receive funds indefinitely?

funds are budgeted for 18 months, but we expect to have a new selection vote before that.

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