[EP4.9][Social] Select providers for EP4.7 streams

This was the best outcome. :dizzy:

Each of these projects deserve these funds,
And they will take great actions to help people & Web3 :mechanical_arm: :seedling:

I’m exciting for everything that comes next, (from everyone involved with ENS)!


Notice for all 9 of the selected providers:

Please check your forum inbox for a message. We’re collecting contact information so we can inform everyone of next steps. We only have responses from 4 of the 9 so far. We have almost everyone now.

If you’re not able to access it or reply, please feel free to reach out to me directly on your preferred medium: Twitter/X, email, Telegram.

Thank you!


FYI, these links are all expired and fail for prosperity, (ie: T.LY URL Shortener). A different link-shortening service is advised, unless the goal is for them to expire <3

I have a question: Is the selection of service providers expected to be renewed annually, or will selected providers continue to receive funds indefinitely?

funds are budgeted for 18 months, but we expect to have a new selection vote before that.

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