.eth Websites Subgroup Meeting, April 13, 2022 @ 16:00 GMT

The monthly .eth websites subgroup meeting/call takes place on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

Date : April 13th
Time : 16:00 GMT
Meeting link : https://meet.google.com/dys-mxjp-esk
Subgroups leaders : @Elle97, @ethlimo.eth, @neiman.


  1. Review our .eth Website Competition (Alpha)
  2. Highlight improvements for the next competition for websites created in April.


  1. Skynet support
  2. Developing ENS Proxy that supports ethers.js
  3. L2 support for EIP-3668

We encourage everyone to add other topics we can add on the agenda.

That’s the first call of the subgroup and EVERYONE are invited (and encouraged!) to join us.

For more information about the subgroup see this thread.


Agenda added, let us know if you want to add an item to it.

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Meeting notes

.eth Websites Subgroup Meeting April 13, 2022 @ 16:00 GMT

Time : 4pm GMT

Leaders attending: Neiman, SydMead, Elle97
Attendees : slobo.eth, alisha.eth inplco, tomlightning, CerealSabre, Chris Powers, spencecoin.eth, Code Coffee


  1. .eth Website Competition discussion.

    Esteroids team reviewed the competition and process accompanying it.
    Meeting attendance gave valuable feedback.

    Esteroids will evaluate the feedback along with the competition details and decide if and how to run next competitions.

  2. Twitter Space proposal. slobo.eth proposed to have a Twitter space with a showcare of .eth websites. In this case Esteroids will currate the website.

  3. Eth.limo discussed the effort to overcome technical issues.

This was the first .eth Websites Subgroup Meeting and had high attendance (13 people), thanks for all participants.

In case you attended the meeting, but do not find yourself at the list of participants published here, please contact us to change this.


You forgot ‘Code Coffee’ :point_right::point_left:

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