.eth Websites Subgroup Q1/Q2 2022

We recently established a .eth websites subgroup (SG) under the Ecosystem WG. Like (:heart:) this post to congratulate us.

As all things new, we’re in the process of creating structure and establishing processes for the SG. This thread, dedicated to the SG, can be used as a place for updates or communication with the .eth websites stewards.

Here are some details to get things started

SG leaders

@neiman (Esteroids) @Elle97 (Esteroids) @ethlimo.eth (Eth.limo).

Feel free to contact any of us for anything .eth websites related. We don’t bite (unless it’s a full moon).

Subgroup discussions space

This thread or #eth-websites-subgroup channel in Esteroids Discord.


Once a month towards the end of the month, we’ll make an announcement here for the next call.

Planned Activities

The current budget we requested supports two activities:

  • .eth websites competition
  • bounties for tech that .eth websites need

There are plenty of other possible ideas; .eth websites for ENS/ENS DAO, promotion for .eth websites, tutorials, or organizing a .eth websites session in the next ENS workshop (if one is planned).

Part of our mission this term is to find out which functions the community needs from this subgroup.

Follow this thread for updates.


Instead of steward, I’d use the term .eth websites subgroup contributors. Then for whomever is leading call them a lead.

If you put a date to the first competition that would be great. What would you need from the ecosystem WG to get this rolling? I believe you already got buy-in on the funding for this, if you need written approval we can do that in this thread.


Not sure I understood the terminology you suggested fully. Are the three names I mentioned leaders or contributors?

We aim to begin the first competition on the 1st of April and have all the websites which were created/updated during March 2022 as potential candidates.

But I don’t want to a 100% commit yet, we’ll be checking this week the possibility to start at this date.


I would definitely like to see some kind of walkthrough for how to host a decentralized website with an ENS domain pointing to it. I would like to make a dedicated website for the newsletter (ensdaonews.eth) and I also have this grand idea of making a token wiki (tokenwiki.eth) that functions like the Wikipedia for crypto tokens. Some day.


If yo know HTML+CSS+JS then zaccary.eth from our community wrote a simple guide.

Is a simple blog enough for the newsletter? If yes, we can help with that.


Thanks a lot, I will look into this.

It should be, yes. Thank you.


I’ll DM you then about a blog:-)

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We are excited to announce that our .eth Website Competition begins on 4th April!
You can participate by creating .eth website with your ENS name as well as nominating and voting for other cool .eth websites
Learn more here :https://github.com/Esteroids/eth-websites-competition/


The first competition started this week!

It is composed of two stages.

The first preliminary stage happens this week till Friday. Everyone with an ENS name can vote for the best nominees in a special competition section on esteroids.eth website.

The four nominees with the most votes will compete next Monday in a 48 hours Twitter poll.

This round is kind of an “alpha edition” for the competition. We use it to test the process and different tools we built for this (like a .eth website for the voting).

Once the competition is over we’ll do a meeting to draw conclusion on how to improve it for the next time.

You can see more details in this post.


We, @ethlimo.eth and Esteroids, would like to request a draw of funds for some of the .eth websites SG operations previously discussed.

This includes:

  • $4000 USDC/DAI to eth.limo for “Public .eth websites gateway”
  • 600 $ENS to esteroids.eth for organizing the .eth websites competition.

These funds were detailed in eth working group - Google Docs ,and discussed on the Ecosystem WG call on the 7th of March.

How should we proceed with doing this? This is a question is for the Ecosystem WG stewards.


By pinging @Ecosystem_Stewards!


Lol thanks, wasn’t aware of this option.

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Here’s what we are thinking.

At the conclusion of the April .eth website competition the ecosystem WG will initiate a transfer of 100 $ENS to a wallet of your choosing from the ecosystem working group gnosis safe. Additionally, the WG will also send out the 100 $ENS split among any winner(s) of the April contest.

I thought our discussion during last week’s ecosystem call was productive, summarized here for those who weren’t able to attend. With this context, we believe it makes sense to see how Esteroids plans to run May competition before sending out funds for the organization of those events.

Our plan is to send this out to the address of @ethlimo.eth choosing, pending one or two questions I sent directly to ethlimo team.

Funding Requests Going Forward

With the DAO likely going to the RFP model it is clear that payments for specific projects will be laid out in each proposal.


The voting in the second and FINAL stage started. Come to select your favorite .eth website of the month! Vote here.


Thanks, Slobo, we’ll communicate with you directly about the transfers for April’s competition.

The discussions on the May competition will begin at the .eth websites SG call tomorrow [Wednesday], and otherwise take place in Esteroids #eth-websites-subgroup on Esteroids Discord, the competitions Github repo or direct communication with us (our DM’s are open!:)).

There are already plenty of changes we want to do based on discussions so far.

Due to time constraints, we prefer to secure a budget for May and June competition already, and then work on longer-term funding for the competition with the Q3/Q4 WG or with an RFP.

So let’s see if we can keep things simple for May-June:

We propose to waive organizational costs for those two months (we’ll cover it ourselves), and ask the WG only to sponsor a prize for the winner(s). Anything as low as 10 $ENS could be sufficient for now. We’ll decide on the split among the winner(s) once the prize amount is known.

Does this proposal make sense?