Extreme high renew fee

hello there . i have some ens domains . when i try extend them . ( single or bulk ) metamask ask me 1 eth for gas fee and trustwallet around 500 usd . how i can solve this ?

Buying a DNS domain name and importing it into ENS can be used forever without paying. ENS is a non-profit organization and does not need money.

I think you simply chose a wrong time to do it. Check out GasNow for more reasonable gas fees.

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i tried a few times in different time . is it normal this huge fee ? 30-50 usd is normal but 1 eth or 500 usd is not normal even its most busy time .

It adds up for each domain. Bulk renewal is a bit cheaper, should be around $3-5-ish per domain with about 20 gwei but we’re really far from cheap fees.

The best I can think if is to try setting the renewal period to 2 years and send it with a gas fee close to the weekly low and see if it goes through until the end of grace period. If not, you can always resend the same transaction with a higher fee.