Feature Request: A website for delegating/redelegating

Problem: Let’s say I purchased my ENS tokens from a secondary market and want to delegate them. Or, I want to change my current delegate.

This can be done on the Tally website, however that site has no good search functionality right now. You need to know someone’s 0x address to go directly to their Tally | 0xaddress page. The main voters page is unfeasible to use because it only shows 10 voters at a time, and it would take forever to keep clicking Load More until the delegate you want shows up, at least if it’s not one of the Top 50 or something.

So if someone has a delegate in mind already, they first need to resolve their ENS name to the 0x address, which can be done at https://app.ens.domains/. And then replace 0xADDRESS above with that address.

This is all too many steps for the average person, it’ll be hard to convince people to delegate when it’s such an onerous, possibly confusing, and easy to mess up process.

Proposal: The ENS team created an awesome UI for the claim website where you can easily type in someone’s ENS name and have it show up, then can easily view their delegate submission, etc. But currently that is used for the claim transaction, you can’t use the claim website to just re-delegate as far as I know. Could that UI be repurposed for a separate https://delegate.ens.domains/ website? That way we could just direct people there and it’ll be super simple and intuitive for them to delegate their votes. And the website could also support that same delegate query parameter so we can give out our direct link, like https://delegate.ens.domains/?delegate=serenae.eth

Hopefully I’m not missing anything obvious here! Also, what do you think the level-of-effort would be for taking our existing front-end for the claim transaction and porting it over to a separate site for the delegate transaction?

Let me know what you all think!


Thanks for this request. We’re in the middle of building this out. The team is running on fumes post-launch, so we’ll get this done as soon as possible.

Thanks for the intermediate solution though, that will be really useful for people who want to redelegate now

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Agree with this proposal.

I was just looking for how to re-delegate my ENS.

Also two questions:

  1. Will there be options for ENS LP to participate/delegate. One of the first things I did was take some ENS and pair it with wETH in a v3 LP wondering if there will be options for LP to contribute.

  2. I have written an article on DeepLiquidity - i.e. the use of v2 AMM LP to build community value. This isn’t a plug for 1Hive but just the DAO I happened to post this to. I am also about to post a growth plan for Maker that involves partnering with communities to provide Token-DAI v2 vaults.

So naturally there is a question - which I may end up posting elsewhere as its own topic.

Might ENS governance be interested in funding a DAO owned ENS-DAI v2 LP that also has a Maker vault? If you read the DeepLiquidity paper above the idea here is to use such a vault to build community value by pairing community tokens (over time) with DAI to provide liquidity for trading and price support. Maker wants to encourage Token-DAI vaults because this leads to greater DAI trading and adoption. Token-DAI v2 AMM LP can’t be flash crashed, automatically reinvest fees, democratically share fees with all depositors and has a value volatility that is sqrt(token_price_in_$$_or_dai).

Expect more of this from me on the Maker forums soon for a number of potential partners.

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completely agree and will be using the above to re-delegate when I get some time unless the team beats me to doing this… :slight_smile:

Hmm. To be clear it looks like we need to submit another main net tx to re-delegate our ENS. We are definitely going to need to see a ENS delegation status, both from a delegate standpoing and a $ENS owner. Given cost to re-do a transaction I shouldn’t need to re-do I will wait until there is a UI interface up.

This isn’t possible right now. It might be doable, but offhand I can’t think how you’d calculate that efficiently onchain for voting.

@nick.eth also made this related proposal too! Making redelegation free

If we do end up allowing free redelegation (which I think would be awesome for adoption of delegation in general), that should be worked into this delegation/re-delegation website right? Assuming that the user hasn’t triggered one of those caps/restrictions (as described in the linked proposal thread above), they should be able to just one-click delegate. For example if someone wanted to delegate to me, they would go to my link (example: https://delegate.ens.domains/?delegate=serenae.eth), click Delegate, sign with wallet, and that’s it.

Or if that user has triggered one of those caps/restrictions, the redelegation website would still allow them to delegate, but would fallback to making the user execute an on-chain transaction themselves.

Just thinking of ways we can make this as painless and fewest-clicks as possible for good UX! :slight_smile: