Feedback and Suggestion for 2021

Hello fellow developers and early adopters!

So far so good!
Year to year ENS just keeps looking more and more promising.
Last year when all this had only around 60 integrations I held a presentation at my university about the technology and most got so excited they be like kids seeing snow for the first time!
They also invited me to the int’l EIT Digital Fintech to showcase.

I see one thing missing though.
Let’s assume we are in for the same reason we use .com domains over IP addresses.

Why would one stick to using numbers instead of memorable domain names, right?

That being said, I want to suggest adding SWIFT and IBAN records.
Just like most people, I do myself also struggle with searching for my bank account number everytime I need it for something. Not to mention that checking for typos - validation quickly gets painful imho.

I know I would personally make use of a feature like this. Same applies to everybody I asked to this day.

Decentralization in general is key I know but as an optional extra I think it would be awesome!

What are your thoughts on this?

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. You can already start adding arbitrary key&value using text record. It could become on its own resolver (like contenthash for ipfs) if there are strong use cases by dapps/wallet/exchanges in future.