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I request for the forum wide user statistics view be enabled again. There was previously a table view that showed all users and statistics. Can we please bring that back?


It’s been three days since I posted this request. Since then all stewards have shown to be active on forum except for 1. Out of the other 8 stewards, there has been a response from 1.

I believe this table view is an important tool that should remain publicly accessible. It was removed without a vote so I assume It shouldn’t be much of an issue to enable again, unless there are substantially compelling reasons to not have it displayed. A quick yes or no or reaction would be much appreciated from each steward.

Thank you.

Can you offer a substantially compelling reason to have it displayed? It’s not within the purview of any Working Groups to enable this feature; rather, it is up to the forum moderators.

Yes, I find it useful to see who is active and who is not active, it cuts down on time that I spend on forum If I want to reference it. What is the purview then? That it shows all the people who are not active? Or that it would show that some users are far more active that people who are paid?

Data about this organization is very valuable. Data availability is a solid principle in Ethereum and that should extend to our forum as well. Unless there is a general consensus that this specific data should not be available. I can’t think of reason why it would be removed om the first place. After all we hove our noses in everyone’s bank accounts already.

I think it was removed when I was a “moderator” but nobody mentioned anything to me.

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So, can this be re-enabled ?

I hope it’s not too much to ask if we could bring this back ?