Free redelegation is now available!

As discussed previously in this thread, we’ve been working on a metatransaction sender to make it possible for people to redelegate their tokens without paying gas fees, on a limited basis. This is now live.

You can use your free redelegation by going to, connecting your wallet, and selecting a new delegate. The site will inform you if you qualify for free redelegation; if you do, you will be asked to sign a message, rather than sending a transaction, and there will be no transaction fee.

For now, the conditions are:

  • Redelegation is open until Feb 28th, or until the DAO proposes a vote, whichever comes first.
  • You must have at least 100 ENS tokens in your wallet to qualify.
  • You may only redelegate once during each redelegation window.

There are presently 10 ETH in funding for paying for redelegation transactions. When exhausted, redelegation will be suspended pending any further funding from the DAO or a contributor.

The Meta-Governance stewards are able to determine criteria and funding for future delegation windows. I would recommend opening one before each steward election cycle.


Ok nice! The problem I have is that I have my tokens in GS, and I need to connect using Wallet Connect. hmm.

Are the requirements to be a candidate still the same as before? (I suppose only the bit about the constitution is probably not needed anymore). If someone follows the mentioned steps, will they automatically be listed on the website?


Yes, same as before. We pull the candidate list dynamically from a subgraph.

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@nick.eth How much of the 10 ETH funding has been used thus far?


About 1.6 ETH has been used so far.