Freedom must not be silenced. At least on web3

I think the ENS community is betraying the principles of web3 freedom, by separating one of its members whose crime has been to expose its values.

They have not been fair by not adhering to the facts.

To say that homosexual acts and … (everything he said) are diabolical is very different from saying that people are diabolical.

I am not Catholic, but even an atheist knows that:

For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12

There is still time to rectify, thinking is not a crime. And we can all be in the same boat. At least in web3.

The issue isn’t that Brantly has those beliefs, or even that he expressed them. It is that he was in a public relations position representing ENS, which is completely counter to such discrimination. Attacking people with other beliefs isn’t a character value… from any side. If anything Brantly essentially blackmailed himself. Maybe it was the height of Trump euphoria or something, but any public figure should know better. It’s a bit suspicious, honestly. Especially because he hasn’t said a word since.

First, no one has been separated from ENS, despite the views of some on both sides. People can speak for themselves, but no one speaks for the community on the issue, absent a vote to do so, which is not being considered.

Second, the issue before the community is one of representation, to the benefit of the community, which is to be decided by the upcoming vote on [EP6][Social].

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He published a message in Discord after he was blocked on Twitter that I think kind of summarizes his stand.

He was removed as a steward, his contract with True Names was terminated and a process to find a new director for the organization began. Add to it that he was blocked in Twitter (I’m not sure when or why exactly that happened) and that he’s gone from ENS Discord (might be by his own initiative), and you get the feeling that he’s been separated from ENS even before [EP6][Social] took place.

I can’t speak to the working group’s decision or brantly’s contract with TNL (separate and distinct entity), as I have no role in either.

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If he has not said a word since, does that not sound odd?
Maybe the guys account was hacked or worse still maybe he has been kidnapped or something else of a dodgy nature?

When I commented on this, I didn’t know how vote tokens worked; I’m still learning. :sunglasses: