Gas fee too much


名称所有权是绝对权利:(同意/不同意/评论)** 同意。
注册费作为一种激励机制存在:(同意/不同意/评论)** 同意。
收入基金 ENS 和其他公共产品:(同意/不同意/评论)** 我完全同意。
ENS 与全球命名空间集成:(同意/不同意/评论)我同意,ENS 应该成为未来全球命名空间的标准。
我的 web3 资格/技能:我有基本的 web3/solidity 技能。

How should we be thinking about gas fees and timing? To complete step 2, we need to update our account and the last time I attempted to update, the gas fees were $200+.

It seems we could optimize for low priority tasks like this. I.e. put the request into a “find lowest gas fee” queue and ping us when it reaches a low level, or set a price target etc.


yeah i think too。
we need more and more peison know ens and get their ens too。

gas fees are are important because they are paid to miner to keep ethereum decentralised

Miners don’t get the gas fees anymore. They implemented EIP-1559 to minimize the fees paid to miners to reduce the large gas fees for transactions. It worked soooo well.

I mean for pow to work you have to pay for it

Yea, they get the block reward of 2 ETH plus a tiny bit of the fees, but most of the fees we pay get burned.

I totally agree. Gas fees are too high. As much as I understand that the Miner needs these values, keeping them at this level hinders the popularization of ENS.

Let’s keep our gas fee money