Generic Custom NFT Subdomain Controller

I probably could build it to work with both. It’s more awkward though for sure, especially as the ownership functions for the tokens are both different (ERC-1155 / ERC-721).

And I can’t make my generic mapper work with the name wrapper if it’s not released before I deploy as I need the contract address.

Project update:

I changed my code so that I can also support NameWrapper. Unit tests and contracts are initially completed, work on the UI will begin in the next week or so.

Is there any update regarding the funding request? It’s been over 3 weeks since I last heard anything.


Project update:

Contracts have now been completed and deployed to mainnet. I also made the Github code repository public.

The contract has been deployed to x.esf.eth

First project to use this is q00t.eth, and we have already over 200 subdomains registered :fire: :fire:

UI is progressing well and will be ready soon.

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Things going well… 4 days in and we have nearly 600 registered subdomains and 5 projects linked their ENS.

I’ve put together a dune analytics dashboard so that it can be more easily tracked.


Hey hodl, how do I use the mapper? Is it on ESF? I want to try wrap a domain.


It’s not a wrapping contract.

If you check out the github link, the instructions are in there.

GitHub - hodlthedoor/NFT-Generic-ENS-Mapper: A custom controller and resolver that can be used to extend ERC-721 collections to bind ENS subdomains.


I hope there is a non-techy guide for those of us waiting to roll out and market our planned subdomains.



It won’t be techy or complicated at all when we release our UI. Should be around a week or so away.