Grant request for

My name is Anas, I’m a project manager and marketer with a knack for building communities. I worked with Web3 projects like NEAR protocol to help educate and onboard developers into the ecosystem. And I’m currently building a collaborative space for the ENS community:

The goal of the platform is to help share knowledge, onboard new members, and help the DAO and the community solve some pain points.

Some of which:

Problem: The new Twitter spaces update & overlapping community events - Twitter Spaces are a great way to get discovered and grow a community. However, Twitter has made it so much more difficult for users to find these spaces by removing the search bar.

Solution: A shared calendar where the community can find/share ENS-related Twitter spaces and other online and IRL events.

Link: ENS Events

Problem: Communities are scattered - We have identified at least 300 ENS clubs and groups, most of which have less than 50 followers and in some cases are repeated, and there’s currently no repository for communities.

Solution: We have created a repository for clubs and groups where the community can search for clubs and/or create their own.

Link: ENS Clubs

Problem: Lack of incentive for small social media accounts to create content - Communities are built by people who share the same interests and passions. They do so by creating content that will be of interest to their audience.

However, there is a lack of incentive for small content creators to create content since they are not able to get the exposure they need in order to reach their audience.

Solution: We have created a collaborative space where content creators can share their educational content and get more exposure.

Link: Resources

We’ve compiled a directory of apps that integrates with ENS to help shine the light on builders and platforms in the ENS ecosystem.

Our directory is constantly being updated with new platforms as we discover them. The community can search by app name or category to find what they need. For example, if you want to know more about wallets that use ENS names, just type “wallet” in the search bar.

Link: ENS Ecosystem

Problem: Community Silo - currently most of the community discussions around ENS and Web3 are focused on Twitter, and Discord which puts a barrier to entry for users who are not familiar/active on these platforms, and also excludes users from countries that can’t access these platforms (Discord is banned in Oman, Iran, Egypt, mainland China, United Arab Emirates… Twitter is banned in China, Iran, Myanmar, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan…)

Solution: We will be promoting ENS domains and sharing content across different social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, and Pinterest. We also want to eventually create a decentralized version of Nifty Sparks.

We are currently the biggest ENS-related page on LinkedIn with 180+ followers and 20+ subscribers to our newsletter


We are asking for a $5000 grant to help us with the following:

  • Allocate more time to marketing and content creation
  • Promote ENS across new social media channels
  • Build a decentralized version of the website