Handshake, a decentralized naming protocol compatible with DNS

I have seen some very smart people excited about this project: https://handshake.org

“Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with DNS where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities. Its purpose is not to replace the DNS protocol, but to replace the root zone file and the root servers with a public commons.”

It seems like a different sort of project but I wonder what everyone here thinks about it and how it can relate to ENS


Personally I like how handshake started out, basically their marketing strategy and website design. Although I had the similar question regarding the need for that idea.

Wouldn’t this be possible to use ENS Resolvers or maybe another smart contract to store public keys in relation to the ENS Registry which basically could be the certificate authority?

Not convinced that attempting to replace the root servers is a good place to start. There are lots of alternative root servers out there, but they are by and large ignored because of the lack of integration with the common root servers (different TLDs, different responses when domains aren’t found, etc.)

EthDNS allows DNS to be served from Ethereum. An EthDNS-enabled name server can query an ENS resolver to return DNS records, which provides integration with the existing DNS infrastructure rather than an attempt to replace it.

DNS and ENS come from the name serving game from totally different directions (DNS centralised control and iterative data from the top down, ENS decentralised control and direct data access) so there are some friction points but for the basic purpose of serving DNS records EthDNS is a suitable enough bridge.

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