Hard to follow the current status of proposals


Perhaps it is just me but I have been having a hard time following the status of proposals. Since there is a defined process (temp check>draft>…>EP) and voting is on-chain, would it be possible to have a visual timeline to track the status of these proposals and votes tally?

As the DAO grows and we have more participation, tracking all of these proposals before the become EP and become active on Tally will become a nightmare.



Anything past Draft has a page here: Governance Proposals - ENS Documentation

I would love to see a Discourse widget that shows proposals that are currently open for voting, too.

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Thanks Nick, the location shared is a great showcase for the general public as it shows those proposals that actually made it past all of the gateways. My thought was regarding these ideas that are in drafts modes, I understand there are a few gateways that people have to “vote” internally before it gets into the ENS DAO Voting process.

I can’t list them all Draft Gateways but I thought there were:

  1. Temperature Check
  2. Draft
  3. … internal voting?

And then the proposal turns into an EP.

It is hard to follow them and where they are in the process (do they have an expiration time, were they never accepted, how many votes they got, etc.)

I am thinking a site that tracks them kind of like Dominos tracks their Pizza readiness. (sorry, only analogy I could think now).

I think this site will show the general public the huge amount of work that happens and bring more transparency to the ENS DAO and more value to the ENS token.


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Temp Check is optional, and largely to see if it’s worth the time to write up a draft proposal. Draft gives people a chance to offer feedback before it goes to a vote, and is mandatory. After that it gets assigned an EP number and is available for voting on Snapshot.

I agree it’d be good to get a dashboard showing the status of pre-voting EP proposals.

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If multiple proposals start going around, I can easily put a table in the newsletter that functions as a dashboard.