Help: Looking for fellow ENSers to join in a Spaces conversation on ENS networking

Hi! I am looking for speakers from our ENS community who would be happy to join us on a Twitter Spaces and talk about ENS networking, as we open our Discord to the community at

This is a project close to my heart where we are building a ENS based profiling and networking platform solving the big problem of quality networking in this space.

So if you would like to join please reach out to me here or Twitter @harshad_fad. Really looking forward to some great conversations.

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So long as we don’t have to talk about or speculate on the latest “hype” over the next viral emoji + 3 digits…:sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I would be keen to expand my network and speak amongst your community.

Something really really cool happened today live in a Twitter space which I’m sure @ENSPunks.eth Aka (:pirate_flag:.meta8.eth) would love to all share with more people in due course.

Also, I am a digital artist and have been working on a small project of my own which you guys might find interesting as well.

Exciting times !

My main ENS Twitter is 888meta8 or for more of my 1of1 Art you can find me @wave_meta8


Brilliant! Thanks for your response. Exciting times indeed. Followed you on twitter, will dm right away.
Curious to hear from @ENSPunks.eth as well. Always heartening to discover and interact with the community. See you very soon.

P.S. Love the art style!

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