Help with claiming old name deposits

Hi everyone,

I missed the grace period for expiring names and so there are now names available which I originally registered. To reclaim my ETH from those names, I have read and followed the blog post instructions here:

Unfortunately, when I use the reclaim website, it suggests that my address has no ETH to reclaim. my address is: 0xd53ef56dbdfF1d5c6c961B239D4bE30f85698E80

Have the same problem with other addresses. Could someone please ELI5 why the above address has no ETH to reclaim?


Did you migrate those names to the new registrar back when it was deployed? If so, your deposits were returned then.


I also missed the grace period and have checked my MEW wallet which has the same address associated with my ENS purchases and I have no Ether returned?

You need to take manual action - for example by using the app at to recover your deposits. There’s no time limit on doing that.