Help with ENS issues

Hello @matoken.eth,

I see there are a lot of people needing assistance with ENS issues and only wish I could help.

I have discovered an unoffical discord forum and am wondering if members should be directed there?

Many thanks, Neal.

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Hi, we have official discord at


Thanks makoto, is it okay if I direct community members there for assistance?

You can send them there or tag me here.

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I am trying to set my reverse record, but I get this message “You either do not own any ENS names, or your ENS names have no ETH records set to this address.” I am trying to set stevemulligan.eth to the account that acquired it (0xf006a5e61967bd3429614d12f6dc16ed3ba2a30c). That account is the Registrant and the Controller of stevemulligan.eth. However, it is also the Registrant and Controller of a number of other .eth names, which may be causing an issue.
It is not clear what I need to do to set the reverse record.

Hi @smull1218, the best place for help is on ENS discord

I’m also tagging @validator.eth who is far more clever than I and might be able to assist you.

Let me know how you get on, maybe we can post the solution for others here.

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I see that you figured it out!

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Yes, thanks for your quick response.

Добрый день! Большая просьба подскажите как перенести енс адреса на другой кошелек! Потерял пароль он предыдущего кошелька метамаск

Good day! Big request, tell me how to transfer ENS addresses to another wallet! Lost the password from the previous Metamask wallet

How about a 12 word phrase? If not, then no way…