HelpKentucky.eth - ENS community grassroots effort to raise funds for Kentucky Flood Victims

I just wanted to post and inform the DAO of a very moving grassroots effort by the ENS community, lead by sadaf.eth & 8714.eth, to raise funds for the Kentucky communities effected by the recent floods.

In just 24-48 hours sadaf.eth & 8714.eth have created a wallet (HelpKentucky.eth) and onboarded Mayor Laura Thomas of Jackson Kentucky and coordinated the distribution of the funds to 2 non-profits assisting the disaster victims.

The goal is $10,000 over a 7 day fundraising period. Iā€™m not sure if the DAO or members of the DAO can assist by bringing attention to this community effort through Tweets or ReTweeting. It appears over $1,000 have been raised in 24 hours, and most of the funds will come via small donation. Therefore, another request for assistance from the DAO might be connecting sadaf.eth and/or 8714.eth might be connect them with someone from GitCoin for quadratic funding if that is a possibility (I realize it is outside the ENS GitCoin funding Round and just brainstorming).

Twitter accounts:

Sadaf.eth - @sadaf_eth
8714.eth - @4digitworld
HelpKentucky.eth - @HelpKentucky