Hi everyone! Is there a way to create multiple subdomains in a single transaction?

I’m new to this and I was interested in creating a batch of subdomains under my main. I see there’s a way to add them one by one on the ENS app but is there a way maybe through commandline (the multicall function I see in the docs, perhaps?) to create a batch of subdomains and assign then in a single transaction?

Say I had website.eth and wanted to do subdomains for the home, blog, and about page. Could I create blog.website.eth and about.website.eth and whatever other pages I wanted and link them to a location all in a single transaction?

I see the python web 3 tools allow for subdomain and owner addressing in a single line from the docs but can I just stack those commands for each subdomain I want to make in the same contract block or whatever?

Sorry if my questions don’t make sense from a technical standpoint. I’m kinda learning general coding and crypto stuff all at the same time so there are some definite gaps.