How can I check the reverse record? Showing registrant address

I used “” to set-up my resolver and address, and I also set the reverse record in the same page. However, it shows the “registrant” address as the reverse address and not the domain address that I have just configured, and it doesn’t seem possible to override it. I don’t know if this is a bug in the UI or if it really set the registrant address for the reverse lookup.

Do any of the explorer tools (like etherscan) show the domain name if you enter the address? (i.e. can I use them to quickly check the reverse record).


Not sure about UI to check reverse registration, but if you need tooling:

const provider = ethers.getDefaultProvider('mainnet')
await provider.resolveName('hadriencroubois.eth') → 0x7859821024E633C5dC8a4FcF86fC52e7720Ce525
await provider.lookupAddress('0x7859821024E633C5dC8a4FcF86fC52e7720Ce525') → hadriencroubois.eth
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You can only set the reverse record for the account you’re sending transactions from - so you can tell which address you set the reverse for by looking at your wallet.

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