How can we accelerate the adoption of ENS?

How can we accelerate the adoption of ENS?

I want to know if we have any plan? Because if it exists it should be public within the DAO and at least I have not heard of it.

Is it in the DAO’s plans to strategically accelerate the adoption of ENS?

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Currently there seem to be a lot of different grassroots efforts by discrete sections of the community.

These include projects like ENS Fairy ( and individual community members registering and gifting ENS names to popular public figures on Twitter to increase awareness.

I’m currently not aware of an official plan. However, from recent weekly ENS DAO steward calls I’ve been on, I can tell you that there is an ongoing effort to decide how best to do outreach in the current bear market.

ENS microgrants voting is going on right now at

Your vote could help fund projects that are increasing ENS adoption, including ENS Fairy.


Having a strategic marketing plan is essential.

The individual and/or group efforts of the community will not be enough.

The grant received is to manage the expenses of those efforts, and although it seems fair to me, that does not guarantee that they will do it adequately aimed at defending the interests of ENS.

I think of ENS as a blockchain domains project, not as prepunk, numbers, keywords, palindrome or Arabic…

I think of ENS and the real uses that the population can give it, and for this we need good, organic and paid marketing.

Bull and bear markets are part of the game, and ENS with a well-designed strategy will know how to surf that wave.

We need a Marketing team!


I’ve got a Reddit page (2K and growing)

And a Pinterest page (2K pins and growing)

And Twitter page for the Reddit sub (not many yet)

I guess social media for the lagging population and early adopters?


So, are you using social media to reach both early adopters and laggards? That sounds like a smart strategy.

However, team plan does not exist.

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Hey @imrulo.eth

The DAO has granted a 275k marketing budget to TNL. The update I recieved this month, was that they have onboarded a PR agency and were in the process of interviewing marketing agency.

There is a TNL Quarterly update scheduled for next week, on October 4th. If you have any questions about how this funding is being used or specific plans, you should attend the call on Zoom.

The quarterly update is being rescheduled until after Devcon.


Thanks for the invitation.

Thank you for the update here Coltron.

Has/will the name of the marketing agency been provided ?

Thanks in advance


I agree, now is the time to accelerate the adoption of ENS, but to do so we need to sell the benefits of ETH2 and its blockchain technology.

First, and most important, is that the ETH2 Merge has happened and is successful, which takes out the uncertainty of the blockchain’s future. This makes ETH2, and thereby ENS, a viable, if not only, ESG option in the crypto space for large institutional and business investors. If ETH2 succeeds, then ENS succeeds. Further, ETH2 has a number of improvements on the horizon that are still to come.

Second, our process to improve ENS subdomain utilization is in its final stages. I think the use of ENS makes ETH2 transactions safer and less prone to wallet address errors. For example, it’s harder to screw up berrios.eth than my wallet address or various crypto currency contained therein. But, for example, even harder to screw up, [union].npf.eth for national pension funds, because the TLD is extremely short and memorable, so any misspelling of the particular fund would not point to another wallet address.

What is holding us back from taking off, is that the world economies are heading for, if not already in, a recession. But this is the time for us get ENS ready for when the rebound comes. The mismanagement of the world economies gives us the reason to transition away from the established order.

I’m hoping that marketing will concentrate on two things: One, ETH2 is more environmentally friendly than BitCoin. Heavy influencers such as Black Rock and Vanguard should lead the way in choosing ETH2, if they are serious about ESG. Two, ETH2 is a better and cheaper alternative to fiat currency and ENS simplifies its use. Government mismanagement and manipulation of their currencies is a primary cause of inflation and increased transaction costs that continually devalues the fiat currency in terms of real dollars. It’s time to remove unnecessary costs and waste that increase the cost of transactions.

Lastly, we can now answer why use ENS? ETH2 is the future of world economies and ENS makes it simple, less intimidating, and more inviting to users.


A marketing team should focus on the ability to establish a community of users committed to the technology developed and its use cases. Through integration and problem-solving, blockchain marketing can consolidate and grow a satisfied community that continues to use and promote the product.

Community first!