How Can We Help You?

Hi, I’m just starting a thread here for myself and anyone interested in just helping. I’m not a developer, but I want to know specific things that I can do as a community builder to help. Jargon definitions, promoting, building interest, twitter or other social media. Would love to serve as a helper for specific needs. Thanks!


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my background is in community development, consensus building, and infrastructure planning, design, construction

Hi. Nice to meet you @ourdigitalhomestead, I see that we are both in sunny FL :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:. I’m glad you started this thread.

I am fairly new to the web3, crypto, NFT world and am learning a ton each day. But, I am also interested in seeing how I can use my skills to help build this community and to help make our technological future one that is beneficial to humanity. I’m a UX Designer who has 20+ years of web/app design, development, and writing expertise. I facilitate VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) discussions and am also a writer and artist.

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So great to meet you and glad to have connected! Look forward to seeing where this goes and staying in touch! :yellow_heart: