How might new users be empowered by ENS?

Please lets all put our heads together and lets get some new opinions rolling out on what power does ENS bring to the table? Do you think the future of ENS is greater than the uses were using it for now? I believe it should be easier for people to generate ENS voting power. If were community driven we all should easily have a chance at getting voting power. There are current ways to vote and get that power its just not very simple for the people and for the community who may have just signed up and got an ETH name. I hope to help the community and get some feedback from you all on this. Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.


I’d be interested to hear ideas, but the current solution does make sense to me, and should one have the inclination and the time, I think it does allow you to obtain and use a significant amount of voting power. If you propose yourself as a Delegate, and put in the work required - which is similar to political canvassing in a way, so being involved, proposing solutions, being involved in the community, and lobbying people to delegate their votes to you - you can indeed generate a lot of ENS voting power.

I’m not opposed to hearing other suggestions but can you clarify why you don’t like the current Delegate system? What is missing that you feel would allow you to generate more voting power?

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You make an excellent point and I really just want to have an open conversation about this. I’m a bit new in the ENS community but I would like to be more involved in the community, but for someone like me who may have just made an ENS name what would you say is necessary to generate ENS power? One solution I would think would be to delegate yourself and try to promote your name. Though without delegating yourself and trying to use social media to cast your voice, what other actions could gain voting rights. Currently I’m trying to find other ways to gain ENS voting power strictly within the ENS community.

When I first made my ENS name I went ahead and delegated someone randomly on the community board. As I’m a new candidate with 0 voting power I feel left out and intrigued to try and take on the challenge of getting ENS power and how might someone do it internally in the ENS community. Would we need to use social media to gain power? We generally know it works but how hard is it really for new comers to the community to be an eligible voter? I understand not just anyone can start voting but if your concerns and opinions are strong enough and powerful enough with a truly positive demeanor towards the ENS system. I feel as though you should be able to say okay, i know I could be a great member and work with the community rather than against it. All I have to do is ____ or ____ to gain some voting rights.

I know my voice isn’t as powerful as many here in the ENS community but we all do have a right to be eligible and work together. I made my ENS name for a timeframe of 2 years. I would like to be a leader to new comers here or maybe just people who make an ENS name and want to vote. I want to take these next 2 years to help others in this community and try to integrate my skills and opinions. There’s a bunch of people who are so unknown to this world. Id like to find a startup method to help empower new members.

I do feel we all have a chance and should try to be apart of the ENS community now while fees are lower and while we go into the future of digital currency’s as ETH evolves.

I did enjoy responding back to you and hope we can stay in touch in the community! Nice to meet you.

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You don’t need tokens to have influence in the ENS DAO.

You might hold a single $ENS token, but if you put forward good ideas, those ideas can affect real change within the DAO. Conversely, someone could control tens of thousands of votes as a delegate and have no real influence.

It looks like the working group proposal is likely to pass and once it does and working groups are formed, there will likely be opportunities to earn $ENS tokens by contributing and adding value within those working groups.

Even without participating in a working group, anyone is free to contribute to the ENS community by engaging through the governance forum, in Discord (which you can join through, or on Twitter.

If you can build your reputation as someone who adds value within the DAO, you will have opportunities to earn $ENS tokens and $ENS token holders will be more likely to delegate to you. I think you’ll find that having a good reputation within the DAO is more important than focusing on how many tokens you control for voting purposes.


I do agree, thank you for reaching out. I would love to put forth my passion and skill to the groups.

Howzit Jbrums! Welcome to the ENS community. I have had a .eth name for a little while but I am definitely not an insider by any stretch of the imagination. I got involved on the Discord just to listen and learn more about how ENS was developing. I also have a good deal of interest about the developing DAO phenomenon in the world today and also Public Goods, art, etc.

I can tell you from my experience that contributing /participating is very welcome in the community, and you should certainly keep an eye out for the Work Groups that suit your interest/skills once the proposal passes, and they are formed. I am not super technical, but I love to learn more about the ecosystem and crypto in general. I have encountered a lot of very very intelligent folks here in this community that are very open and welcoming to ideas. The ENS DAO is just getting started so it will take some time to get settled I imagine. ENS is really cool. Have fun and Aloha!


Great to be apart of it all ! hope to learn a lot!

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Think the others have summarised but that’s exactly the best advice, just get involved, contribute where you can (definitely does not have to be technical), help signpost other users to the right people/resources, all of this will help your profile. Alisha is right, you don’t even need votes to make a difference although that’s primarily what I replied, as it was referenced in your post. Just get involved and see what happens :slight_smile:

My view is that it’ll either click for you (and others), and you’ll think “Hey, I like this project, I want to contribute more time/ideas/thoughts/discussions here” or you’ll find it’s not for you, and you will move on to another project where you feel you can make a difference. I think there are a lot of people currently “searching for a home” in web3.0 and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In most cases, you’ll give your best input to something that has caught your attention and you feel passionate about, not something that you check on / log into because it’s a chore.

My analogy would be MMOs - although I had to stop playing years ago as I can no longer spare the time - but there were certain games over the year I logged into to do the daily quests, flip some items on the auction house equivalent, check xyz thing and then logged out. I kinda felt like I had to log in. Those were a chore, and it was nonsensical to stay with them. Bar one exception, I recognised these within 2-3 months and I stopped playing.

Games where I logged in when I wanted to (rather than because I felt I had to), stayed for as long as I felt like, and enjoyed my time on there - those were the ones I stayed with for long periods. I think the quest to find a “home” in web3.0 is not dissimilar.

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This is such a great reminder and clear explanation. I think there’s such a focus on getting tokens and the value of tokens. The real value is adding value through time and talents. The tokens, if any, are a lagging indicator of the value we share and co-create. It’s the way that’s unfolded for centuries in the non-digital world. For example, I volunteered for a non-profit for a couple of years as a board member, then was asked to be a board chair and help lead a rebrand. I wanted to add value at the start and the unexpected benefit was being asked to be board chair. Even though I’m new to DAOs, I agree with @alisha.eth…add first seek to value however you can with the time and talent.