How much is the yearly rental for a 3 letter domain?

I can see it’s 3 Eth, do I get some of that back after a year, or not? It’s been changed so often I don’t know how this works now.

Good question. The yearly fees for .ETH names are based on length:

  • +5 character .ETH names = USD$5/yr paid in ETH
  • 4 characters = $160/yr
  • 3 characters = $640/yr
  • 1-2 character = not available

Once you pay a fee you can’t get it back. You can pay ahead for multiple years if you’d like, e.g. $50 would you get you a +5 ch. .ETH name for 10 years.

Really? F.u.c.k.

I though it was just locked for a year, then you got it back.

I just bought 2 x 3 letters and 1 x 4 letters.

WOW - that’s $1500 gone.

Sad AF.

It USED to be just a deposit that was locked for a year… now it’s a yearly charge?

Why would someone pay $600 for a “name” that doesn’t even resolve a browser, is this for real?

Your FAQ does not mention this –

Neither does the rest of your website. You changed your TOS radically without any change in documentation. An internet search suggests funds are LOCKED for a year, not SPENT.

sad times :frowning:

I’m sorry you were confused. Most users today never encountered the legacy registrar, and there’s nothing on our site that indicates the money is a deposit - in fact, it says “price to pay”, and the price depends on the rental duration.

We’ve never had a system where your funds were locked for a year. The initial registrar locked your funds for as long as you kept the name.