How to get involved?

Hi all, just thought I’d drop a line as I found ENS part way through last year and have been down the web3 rabbit hole ever since.

Do you have any suggestions of ways to get more deeply involved in the project. Do you have any plans for upcoming roles/jobs for people in australia?

I have a very diverse background in tech in the last 20yrs+ but as a non-developer it’s extremely difficult to find a “fit” for my skill set! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @jamesmcardle.eth. Your timing is perfect. DAO working groups will kick off this month and I think the Community working group would be a great place for you to participate. The Community working group will focus on technical initiatives, so while it is helpful to be able to understand web3 and ENS from a technical perspective, there isn’t any expectation that contributors need to be technical. Some areas that spring to mind when thinking about finding a ‘fit’ for non-technical contributors within the DAO are content creation, events and outreach, and support.

Keep an eye on the Community category, and I would also encourage you to join the Discord server through and intro yourself in the #DAOchat channel.