I’d like to donate 🏳️‍🌈.eth, fractionalize it and airdrop it to the ENS community

Disclosure: About a month ago I deleted all my posts from the forum and left the community following some concerns I prefer to remain private otherwise unrelated to brantly. Prior to leaving I was an active member in the greater ENS community, this forum, and a dwebsite builder (one of my projects Geocities.eth was even added to the ENS homepage by Brantly). IRL I’m a corporate lawyer and at one point even interviewed with Brantly for a DAO Governance Lead position…it didn’t go well haha

I’m listening to the recent ENS Twitter Spaces and it’s pretty powerful. I think this is the opportunity to do something special with :rainbow_flag:.eth (I registered about a year ago) and help to heal the ENS community.

I can fractionalize :rainbow_flag:.eth into $ :rainbow_flag: ownership tokens easy enough, but it’s about community interest and DAO support.

All responses from ENS core, stewards, delegates and community members welcome. If you like the idea let me know if you’d consider being part of a subgroup.


I think this could be a bigger thing actually. Very soon the it will be possible to create subdomains on L2s but there is still a problem. In order for subdomains to be secure it is necessary to make sure that the owner of the domain will not switch the L2 to something else. I have written about this problem before. One of the solutions is to create a DAO for second level domain holders. The members of the DAO would decide which L2 they wanted to be on, and would be able to change the L2 in the future, but there would be some safety, because there would be no individual owners of the names, and all the subdomain holders would be members of the DAO. I think there would be many people willing to donate some names for this DAO.


We had our first call today with @ENSPunks.eth and @Premm.eth. Things that were discussed included:

We agreed that the next step is to look for other people interested in this project, and continue the conversation, including arranging for a future call.

If anyone is interested in working on this project, let us know.


After discussion, this idea has evolved away from fractional ownership of :rainbow_flag:.eth and toward protection and development using a multi-sig.

Also @Premm.eth has proposed a subgroup for subdomains under the community working group, see:

One idea discussed is using :rainbow_flag:.eth as a showcase and to create documentation for the ENSIP-10: Wildcard Resolution to resolve [yourENS].:rainbow_flag:.eth for anyone that has their ENS primary record set, resulting in something of a “airdrop” of :rainbow_flag:.eth subdomains to the ENS community. Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding Wildcard Resolution because I love the idea and would happily donate the domain to see that vision come to life for the benefit of the community and ENS ecosystem.

The next step is organizing people for the :rainbow_flag:.eth multi-sig, please reach if you would be interested or if know someone that might have an interest.


It’s a very neat idea. I am mingled with subdomain level resolution as well at the moment. Sending you a DM