I find myself having to tell friends why they need .eth. So I wrote about it. Here are 15 ways you can use your .eth address

  1. Help the sender get the right address
  2. Give one address to anyone for receiving NFT
  3. Don’t lose coins by mixing up addresses of different currencies
  4. Show that you are in web3 culture
  5. Give a consistent identity across different websites
  6. Sign-In with Ethereum
  7. Show your online presences with text records
  8. Show off your NFT
  9. Put it on twitter
    10 .eth can be your address for your decentralised website
  10. Your address for your Tor Onion website
  11. Receive free money via airdrop
  12. Buy it as an investment and sell it later
    14 .Participate in ENS DAO
  13. Give it away: .eth addresses can be further extended into subdomains

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