I have few DNSSEC, TLD, .eth questions

I read the article regarding DNSSEC and the supported TLDs posted on Medium, and since I have .fm domain registered, I see that it’s not one of the supported domains. But my registrar has “Enable DNSSEC” option for the domain, so I was wondering whether this would change anything, and I can eventually use my .fm domain as crypto address?

The .eth question that I have is whether the “eth” is planned to be dropped when used as crypto address? What I mean by that is when sending ETH instead of sending it to somename.eth to send it to somename without the eth at the end.

For the latter question, the answer is “no”. ENS holds information for multiple top-level domains so it would not be safe to drop pieces of the domain (e.g. I send to foo.xyz; is that foo.xyz or foo.xyz.eth?)

Thanks, jgm!

@brantlymillegan @makoto I’m flagging this as possible seed topic for the ENS “unconference” workshop.