I mistakenly sent my $ENS to the contract address, can I get my token back?

I mistakenly sent my $ENS back to the contract address. The transaction hash is 0xf1acd8e0147890d127267ee125ce61521c2edb46f3349f9aa869855f136e881f.
I bought the token from CEX. Can I get my token back if I am willing to pay the gas fee?
I know the snapshot vote ttps://snapshot.org/#/ens.eth/proposal/0x9ab53c76cee40d58cb27b244dfa5f9f2763bd8b97b1b4be1dd0f0bf706818fb4 is about refunding the tokens sent back the contract address. But my address is not included in this EP3 proposal.

That’s probably because the transactions occurred after the snapshot of for the proposal.

I guess you or someone else can start another proposal for this or something else more systematic (something mentioned twice a year or something before I recall) to redistribute these accidental transfers.

I have been against returning these tokens in previous votes, but I suppose it will be reasonable to request for another batch transfer when the airdrop deadline ends as the final “accidental transfer” return proposal.