I need your help for recover the paid made

Hello, I need help from an administrator.

I made the registration, I made the paid, however, the system doesn’t give manage for the domain.

The main Transaction hash is:

The domain was; amazon.usa.eth

How can I recover the paid for the registration?

Thank you for your time.

You are not suppose to be able to register usa.eth in the first place … how can you register amazon.usa.eth ?


After having a look at your transaction and the contract’s code it happens you should never have tried to register ‘amazon.usa.eth’ as a subdomain of ‘.eth’. You registered ‘amazon.usa’ which is an invalid label.
There is no way for you to get a refund … so you own a subdomain which hash doesn’t correspond to a known valid label.

How did you do the registration? I doubt you used manager.ens.domains