I try to list my domain at enslisting.com,but

99999999.eth is not a valid name. It is currently in Open status. Please verify and try again!

i just migrated to the new registrar

Looks like it’s on the permanent registrar:

$ ethereal ens info --network=mainnet --domain=99999999.eth
Registrant is 0x856F29422fD59E6935402441298f9C07249b09Cd
Registration expires at 2020-05-04 01:00:00 +0100 BST
Approximate rent per year is 0.019445794829424 Ether
Controller is 0x856F29422fD59E6935402441298f9C07249b09Cd
Resolver not configured

thanks for ur reply
how to solve this problem?

There is no problem with ENS, perhaps talk to enslisting to see why they won’t accept the name.

It is said that the status is “open”, the protocol error is considered

enslisting.com is not run by the ENS foundation, you should contact them regarding this issue.

I’m pretty sure enslisting has been abandoned. Namebazaar is currently down as well. Opensea lets you keep your migrated ENS domains while listing them for sale.