Info on why you might not be on the latest multiplier spreadsheet

Hi all,

I’m posting here to hopefully help anyone else that isn’t as technical as these Supernerds (I say that with much respect) and wondering why you didn’t receive the multiplier on the airdrop. For me, I did received the airdrop but knew that since I was forwarding the address to a Ledger wallet, that the name and the address wouldn’t match. ENS was literally the first thing I wanted to do in crypto as it made a lot more sense to me than some regular string of numbers for identifying my wallet. Also, getting a hardware wallet was important as I figured I’d get scammed somehow and my business partner would kill me if that happened.

Anyways, so in basic terms, my ENS worked fine and was setup well in advance of the the criteria they set. The problem was, that the Reverse Register wasn’t set on the hardware wallet (which I only use to receive) and the only way to update it was to login to the site with the receiving address and pay gas. The best I can understand, the Reverse Register is what’s used to update sites that show your address will instead show your .eth name instead. So that’s why my address(es) aren’t on the multiplier retroactive drop list : (

I realize that the technical jargon might seem clear to those that “write” code but had it been this clear that the Reverse Register needs to be done on the receiving wallet manually (and it’s fairly simple to do which is great) then it would make sense set the deadline for that after informing people of that in laymen’s terms. If our goal is more adoption then we have to simplify technical stuff as much as possible.

Anyways, hope this helps some others and here’s our IRL ENS address visible at our shop to continue the exposure / awareness (no reverse register needed). Keep forging ahead all.


Aloha theforge.eth! I enjoyed reading your post and especially like the pride represented on your wall art. Thats pretty killer ! Thats ENS pride for sure.