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Welcome to the ENS working group forum.

If you’re joining us for the first time, please post here and let us know who you are, what interests you about ENS, and what you’d like to see accomplished.

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I am Scott Stevenson and am working on a long-term solution to manage electronic evidence used in civil litigation, primarily torts. My background is in product liability, cyberlaw, intellectual property law, marketing, and product development. I am very interested in the ENS system to help remove the “fear” factor that common people have in working with hashes.


This is Aron. I’ve been using and playing with ENS ever since the testnet launch as part of my involvement with the Swarm team. I am also a coauthor of the Colony whitepaper ( and have spent a long time discussing problems of governance on the blockchain and am interested in dispute resolution and governance of the ENS.


Hello, my name is Ghilia Weldesselasie. I’ve only been involved in the blockchain space since May and I recently started learning Solidity. I’m working on my own projects like D-OZ and AHS and I’m interested in ENS because using names instead of the addresses we have now wil really drive adoption which is something I’m interested in seeing.


Hi All, I’m Julien from Argent. Our company is building a user-friendly mobile wallet for Ethereum and, amongst other things, we plan to offer ENS subdomains to all our users. We believe ENS is an important step towards reducing the “fear” factor of interacting with the blockchain and we would happy to contribute to its adoption if we can.


Hi, I’m Seki from Tokyo, kind of old timer played gopher and lynx on mainframe and mosaic on os/2 while working with legacy communication protocols. Grate fun of decentralized, autonomous and collaborative behavior of internet, and look at public chain as living creature of datas, limited to numbers only now though. Interested in defining architecture and models from perspective view, if that matters.


Hi. I’m Norman HIrsch, a small network security business founder/owner for approx 30 years. I’m a GUI user, not a programmer! Got involved in Ethereum when brother in law, fishing buddy and next door business friends all confluently started talking to me about blockchain and Ethereum in early 2017. Got involved then and now have approx 80 ETH domains, each for a specific hopeful purpose or as gifts to friends, relatives, associates. I am also mining Ethereum and luckly (at this point in time since price fluctuates) have a new Model 3 Tesla bought solely with ETH that had appreciated 25X! So I appreciate ETH but would appreciate it MUCH more if I can setup and use these names easily like normal Internet domains with IP assignments that nameservers recognize so anyone can access the ETH as websites using the name. Second I’d like to see some governance, such as this site is presumably purposed for, that involves many people and thoughts to help ENS develop fairly with the greater good in mind. Finally given some of the ETH names I have are for development of ENS, I’m hopeful to see the subdomains capability developed so that I can either give or rent the subdomains to appropriate individuals that fit the name of the main ETH name. Names such as developers.eth, educate.eth, enshelp.eth, ensexpert and expertens.eth, enssign, ensname are such examples. I welcome suggestions for such use and, please know I am more interested in how to do such development and their use for development and widespread adoption than I am for making money on them. I’m thinking/hoping if I can learn enough or find people who have the talent to develop ENS subdomains, I can later make money with the other names should I decide to try to do so. Obviously if ENS develops successfully, then we all benefit so I’m willing and happy to donate such subdomains for the best community use.


@nrhirsch you should definitely look into placing a few of your rented .eth domains on ENSNOW
to allow users to create some sub-domains off of them. This will also help you understand the system better.


Well, I’m getting behind and try setting my level into current from scope level, like understanding difference between W3C and IETF, to identify where my design point most matters to be placed, in particular, natural language and text placement onto consensus driven blockchain, ranging from brand trademarks to ontology learnings. ERC20 token name is the first and origin category of it, and have to be placed in ENS as such.

The other design point from lifecycle management is methodology defining protocol. Long ago before internet, I was in charge of proprietary communication protocol implementation and validation with strict state transition definition, and it may help a lot on ENS protocols, and trying to show some.


Hi. My name is Chris.

I am interested in the Ethereum Name Service because it is an important component of emerging Web 3.0 technologies; particularly its ability to provide human readable domain names pointing to digital resources. This seems like a crucial step toward the mass adoption of blockchain technology generally.

I am inspired by David Clark’s declaration that in cyberspace “We reject: kings, presidents, and voting. We believe in: rough consensus and running code.” However, it seems to me that the existing Internet has betrayed this early utopian ethos. I recently wrote an opinion peice for Le Monde diplomatique arguing that the traditional Internet can no longer be saved and that it is time to consider emerging Web 3.0 technologies. ENS is a step toward reclaiming the Internet’s original purpose.

A bit more background about me, I’ve been researching and writing about decentralized, autonomous and self-governing political and economic systems for about two decades. In early 2016 blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, triggered a paradigm shift for me which expanded my understanding of what seemed technologically possible. Distributed ledgers and Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s) breathed new life into my work. Now it seems possible that communities and groups can form DAOs and communicate without intermediaries. This realization has expanded my research interests to include scaling efforts such as sharding, Plasma, Casper FFG, Casper CBC and cryptoeconomic research generally.

ENS is an excellent project. Generally, I’d like to see it experience mass adoption. Specifically, I hope to learn from others and contribute to the Working Group products here.



The same thing happened with me.


Hi, I’m Craig Brown, I’m a visual designer (30 years exp) with some service design skills as well.

I make Wordpress websites, I have minor interest in crypto, mostly I’m here so I don’t miss the boat again like I did with BTC, which I had heard about 10 years ago or more, even tried to mine it a little on my laptop but failed… So I don’t want to miss out on the ENS rush if it ever happens and registered a dozen or so quality names. You may call me a namesquatter or you may call me an interested party. I’m happy to assist by road testing new features or improving existing ones as a UX tester. Also my design skills are here for the right projects.


Hi. I’m @CallMeGwei - I blog about crypto in my spare time. I am excited about the Ethereum platform and feel like ENS is an integral part. I’ve been using ENS for a while. It’s probably one of the easiest parts of the Ethereum ecosystem to explain to people - everyone likes names, not numerical addresses.

I’ve had something close to disdain for domain squatters for decades. ENS has a chance to experiment with ways to deter that behavior.

I’m also excited about uncensorable/unseizable domain names. Months ago I asked @nickjohnson and MetaMask via Twitter to collaborate and let MetaMask users navigate http/s with .eth names. Still hopeful something like that will happen. I’d like people to own the internet again - not big corporations and governments.

I’m here to listen, learn, watch, and, hopefully, occasionally write about ENS developments and design decisions. I have some strong feelings about the potential of ENS and so deeply appreciate this site and the opportunity to follow along and contribute to the discussions about and evolution of ENS.


Hi all,
this is hacktar. I am an IT engineer with a passion for innovative things that can change the world in a better place. The discovery of Ethereum awakened me from the mental lethargy which is afflicting several colleagues in these times. I threw myself into experimenting with ethereum like a young man (at least in the spirit :slight_smile:
I am founder of Inzhoop who developed the first mobile wallet LETH that has integrated ENS.
Although perpetually in experimental beta, Inzhoop aims to use ENS as the only link for users and for the Dapps into our mobile wallet.



I’m Brian Soule, I work on

Among other things, we published a chrome extension that lets you view .eth domains in the browser: