Is There a Noobs guide to short name Registration?

I’ve tried registering using the short name registration tool and followed the the process below,

  • I’ve added a=0x4FF3Eb0a7f68D6eB80fCf5039032ec927131eF2e, to the TXT section in the DNS

I’ve also created a subdomain

but when I click check the check button I receieve the folowing errors:

X Text record on

X You must publish a TXT record on, in the format ‘a=0x…’, specifying the address you want to own the ENS name.

X Text record in correct format (a=0x...)

Claimed xxxxxx.eth for 0.022355860588878334 ETH

I did try adding an underscore to the subdomain ( but my ISP ( 1 and 1) threw an error and wouldnt allow it.

Any help here would be much apppreciated! should be a record on not its own subdomain.

Hi Thanks for the advice
I’ll give it a go over the weekend and let you know how it goes :grinning:

Hi There
So i’ve checked the set up for dns on the domain

*I’ve added a=0x4FF3Eb0a7f68D6eB80fCf5039032ec927131eF2e , to the TXT section of the xxxxxx dot org DNS

  • I’ve also created a subdomain. I’ve noticed the the TXT record also appears here but is greyed out.
    I’m still getting the above errors - please advise :slight_smile:

You need to add the TXT record to the name For example, for the record is as shown:

$ host -t txt descriptive text "a=0xa34C6BCAe6F46ac6470443CCea67d937f6060c7E"

Hi There
Thanks for the advice - but i’m still a little confused
To be clear do i need to be in the dns settings for
I can;t find any NAME settings only CNAME
should i add 0x4FF3Eb0a7f68D6eB80fCf5039032ec927131eF2e

_ens is the name for the record. It depends on your particular provider as to how this looks, but in my provider I would set it as follows:

Note that in the Name field I have set it to _ens, the record type is TXT and the value is a=0x...

…Worked perfectly - many thanks for your help and patience Jim :smile :smile:

I can see the claim is now pending…do you how long this process typically lasts?

Approving / Rejecting is manual process. More likely that ENS team will do so after the end of submission deadline (which just extended to 17th Aug).

Great - thanks for the info :slight_smile: