I've made a mistake

Hi all, today I’ve messed up. After claiming my airdrop tokens, I made a transaction to transfer them to a separate wallet. However, the address I ended up pasting was the ENS token address I had copied to add the ENS token to my Metamask, which led to me having sent the airdropped tokens right back to the contract.

here’s the etherscan of what happened,

Realising that happened, I opened a support ticket detailing what happened. SpikeWatanabe.eth#8988 ended up replying, and pointed me here, telling me to make a DAO proposal if I wanted to try still to recover them.

I understand that the nature of the blockchain means all transactions are final, but 60ENS is a sizable bit of value to me, and it would really hurt. Nonetheless, I understand if the votes may not come through. It would be an expensive lesson, but one that would have to be learnt sooner or later.

I still would like to make a proposal, and to make my case to the DAO. I’m just not sure how to do it. I assume it would have to be on Sybil, but I really am new to all this. Any help and advice on where I should go about doing this would be very appreciated.

I also have ens. Somehow. I think my account was hacked. Probably not. But sent to the contract itself. ens I aditzeustube.eth eligible 97.8 token ens

You are not the only one. There is proposal to return the money to all the users that this happened to. [Social] Amend airdrop proposal to include accidentally returned funds

Good luck!