Ku-Coin / Fracton Protocol and Fractionalisation of Domains

Would love to know what the ENS team and wider community think about the Ku-Coin / Fracton Protocol fractionalisation of ENS domains?

Does this have wider implications for the regulatory classification of .eth domains?

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The reason I’m asking is that NFT Collections Will be regulated Like Cryptocurrencies Under EU’s MiCA Law.

The final draft of the law exempts NFTs unless they constitute some other kind of crypto asset.

The deal basically focused on the major political elements of cryptocurrencies, but experts have reported that its final draft exempted NFTs unless they have some kind of crypto asset interlinked to them.

“If a token is issued as a collection or as a series – even though the issuer may call it an NFT and even though each individual token in that series may be unique – it’s not considered to be an NFT, so the requirements will apply,”

(Btw, I’m no expert)