List of ENS+IPFS websites

We (we call ourselves ‘Almonit’) are working on and ENS+IPFS Firefox plugin. In the process we made a list of existing ENS+IPFS. We did it mostly by scanning the current registrar.

There’s a post about it here. We also got an ENS version of our site: almonit.eth.

TL;DR, that’s the list of existing websites we found. Know any more? Please notify me. Pretty please:-)

  • almonit.eth (that’s us!)
  • pepesza.eth (that’s one of our developers!)
  • portalnetwork.eth
  • monkybrain.eth
  • amoebacore.eth
  • hozt.portalnetworkweb.eth
  • christophershen.eth
  • phyrextsai.eth
  • mycrypto.dappnode.eth
  • game.portalnetwork.eth
  • cv.gnelson.eth
  • digitallyrare.eth
  • neelyadav.eth
  • mattcondon.eth
  • nathanclayforcongress.eth
  • bradsherman.eth

We ignored all kind of websites which are obviously an experiment.

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I recently added the following two, might have missed your cutoff date:

We indeed did. I’m adding it now.


Great website! I’ll add it in the next update this week.

Also, we just published: